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Free-ImageHosts is a directory guide for finding the best free image hosting services to upload your photos, pictures, and images at no cost. Whether you need to upload image files to show to a friend, post on a forum, inbed in your website or blog, include in an ebay auction, or anything else, you can find the free image hosts you need here. Most of the free imagehost sites allow direct linking images, also called "hotlinking images". See the free image host list below.

free image hosts is a free image hosting service which requires you to register in order to obtain access to their services. Once you signup you can modify and delete your uploaded images as you wish. Their maximum file size is 512KB, large images will be automatically resized to 512KB. They have a 50MB storage limit and allow only 2500MB per month of bandwidth per account. They accept jpg, png, bmp, gif, tif and swf file types. You can post your images anywhere you wish as well. is a free image hosting service that requires no registration. You can direct link their images to anywhere you want but they ask that you use clickable thumbnails whenever possible. You can upload as many images as you want that are less than 1024KB and are of type jpg, jpeg, gif, bmp, tif, png or swf. They provide thumbnails for images larger than 200 x 200. They also have a optional free registration service which allows you to track your uploaded images.

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